Tracy is an artist who expresses her multiple passions through dreamcatchers, fluid art, wood and tile works, interconnecting passion, unique materials and special embellishments for distinctive handmade creations. Her goal is to share hope through her products and creative healing through workshop experiences. Custom orders are her favorite way to create products, with unique and specific purpose.

Tracy, who has lived in Middle Tennessee most of her life and has two lovely daughters, was blessed with exposure to the world of handmade crafts, and the gift of nurturing space to develop creative expression growing up. Her parents created things by hand and allowed her to be a part of the process. Receiving the most special handmade box from her late father and with that experiencing the power of receiving this handmade gift was instrumental in her decision to create for a living. The path has proven to be a blessing for her, as she relishes using this incredible tool for uplifting and giving someone hope.

As a part of an outreach to support local business and share the love of creating, Tracy is so excited to be a part of the Public Square Marketplace experience!

Tracy Austin

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